See Our Education in Action

We create and invest where it matters.
Education that empowers girls and young women with knowledge of the risks.
And gives them tools to take action.

We invite all people to learn about, support, and join our flagship education programs. These programs turn our mission into a reality. They educate and empower girls and young women and help save lives. They make a difference in the world and inspire global change.

Her-Self Defense Class

Our own unique and signature program. It has Maren’s strong, fiery spirit at its core. This is a two-hour self-defense course for young women. It is led by Mixed Martial Arts champion “Notorious” Nick Newell and Sally Cadoux from Athena Empowered. The course focuses on life-saving techniques you can use to defend yourself in dangerous situations. It helps girls and young women:

  • Gain confidence
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Eliminate insecurities
  • Learn self-defense techniques
  • Tap into the body’s ultimate potential

We hold these courses several times during the year.

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Her-Self Awareness Lecture

We lead this one- or two-hour program in schools, parent groups, and other settings. It educates youth and parents on critical things they need to know in order to make sure that situations are safe.  It is interactive so we can openly discuss issues. The agenda for this lecture includes ideas and insights on:

  • Risks and signs of emotional manipulation
  • Red flags for unhealthy relationships
  • How to identify and deal with dangerous people and situations
  • Action steps to take in order to protect children
  • How to head off violent situations before they occur
  • Skills that girls and young women can use to protect themselves
  • Role-play examples between parents and children

Interested in this lecture?

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Donate now to help us educate and empower girls and young women to defend themselves against emotional, psychological and verbal manipulation and physical violence!

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Maren Sanchez Home Foundation Annual Gala

This magical annual event celebrates the light, love and purpose that Maren lived with. We share stories about how we inspire change. We unite leaders from many areas of the community. We find purpose by honoring Maren and shining the spotlight on how our work makes the world a better place.

This event is so important to our awareness and our ability to operate. It drives support for all of our work and programs.

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Fior Di Loto Foundation

In the way that Maren cared for others, we are proud to sponsor the work of the Fior Di Loto Foundation.

This foundation shares our mission to educate and empower girls and young women. Its work centers in Pushkar, in the state of Rajasthan in northwest India. Their team provides education and improves life conditions for more than 300 poor girls who live in the villages in that area. They work daily to help the most disadvantaged part of the local community.

They give financial support to the elderly, widows, and needy families. They give medical aid to the sick. They help build water wells. Anything that provides a helping hand to those in need.

Partibha Kumawat is a 16 year-old girl who lives in Pushkar . She attends the school of Fior Di Loto. Our sponsorship allows her to finish the last three years of her ayurvedic nursing program. She will be able to live out her dreams and help many with her skills. We are proud to help educate and empower her so she can empower others.

Help Us Inspire Global Change!

Donate now to help us educate and empower girls and young women to defend themselves against emotional, psychological and verbal manipulation and physical violence!

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The Maren Sanchez Girls Camp

We have a vision for an inspiring, empowering camp.  This camp will blend in all the qualities that Maren lived out each day. In this camp, girls and young women can learn how to:

  • Become confident, empowered action takers
  • See potential in people, and how to harness it
  • Support and nurture people of all shapes, sizes, interests, and ethnicities
  • Look for, avoid, and take action around bullying, manipulation, assault, and intimidation
  • Educate and empower others in their families, schools, sports, teams, and playgrounds
  • Shape a global movement to safeguard our young people and give power to positivity

We are in the initial stages of creating a plan for this camp. There are still many building blocks to develop and finalize. Have a skill that you believe girls should know? Have an activity that you believe fits into the camp? Work with us to incorporate it into our plans.

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