HER-Self Care Online Curriculum

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Instructor: Sally Cadoux
Owner, Athena Empowered

Instructor: Sally CadouxType: Instructor Introduction
Instructor: Sally CadouxType: The basics of self defense
Instructor: Sally CadouxType: Palm thrust
Instructor: Sally CadouxType: All about the base

Instructor: Nick Newell
Head Coach & Trainer, Fighting Arts Academy

Instructor: Nick NewellType: Instructor Introduction
Instructor: Nick NewellType: Attacked from behind
Instructor: Nick NewellType: Backed against the wall
Instructor: Nick NewellType: Eye gouge
Instructor: Nick NewellType: Being choked and pushed backwards
Instructor: Nick NewellType: Rolling over the attacker
Instructor: Nick NewellType: The pass out
Instructor: Nick NewellType: Trapping shoulders

Lauren Goldstein, LCSW
Nationally recognized Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 30 years’ experience practicing in Connecticut, New York, New Mexico and Arizona.

Lauren Goldstein, LCSWType: Introduction
Lauren Goldstein, LCSWType: Psychological Abuse
Lauren Goldstein, LCSWType: Stalking
Lauren Goldstein, LCSWType: Pre-Incident Indicators
Lauren Goldstein, LCSWType: Intuition


Reveal the Truth Interactive Handout

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