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Executive Board of Directors

Donna Cimarelli
Donna Cimarelli CEO/Founder/President
Donna is the CEO and Founder of the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation. It is named in honor of her daughter, Maren Victoria Sanchez.

Donna founded MSHF to help prevent the loss she experienced from happening to other families. She works tirelessly on behalf of MSHF to expand our impact. She helps lead our Her-Self Awareness Lectures to educate others about the risks, warning signs, and interventions for manipulation and violence. Her vision also drives our fundraising, awareness efforts, and more.

Ultimately, Donna wants to see the aftermath of what happened to Maren change lives in a positive way. She wants it to lead to strong, empowered girls and young women around the globe. She is committed to creating a legacy for Maren that she would be proud of.

Joan Goldstein
Joan GoldsteinSecretary
Joan is the owner of TheraPay Consulting, a medical billing company. She feels fortunate to be in a position to volunteer her time for the foundation, as the tragedy of what happened to Maren resonated with her. The mission of the foundation is what lead Joan wanting to participate as a board member. The knowledge she earned from running her small business for close to 15 years is influential and appreciated within the foundation, especially while in its early growth stages.
Pamella Nelson, MA
Pamella Nelson, MACo-Chair
Pam has an MA in Psychology and a BA in Psychology and Economics. She has a career working with children and families, disabled children, and adults in a variety of positions in Chicago, Boston area, and Connecticut. Volunteer work includes Board of Directors for hometown Cemetery Association; Board and Chair of Funding Committee for DDS/STS Volunteer Services (annual budget of $200,000+); advocate for youth and disabled adults; media lead for Thrift Shop-DDS (Facebook, email news, ads); and helping Breast Cancer survivors and their families.
Lisa Perschino Smith
Lisa Perschino SmithTreasurer
Lisa is currently employed by the City of West Haven as an Accounting Specialist in the Comptroller’s Office. She received her Masters of Business Administration in Finance from Sacred Heart University and an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Western Connecticut State University.

Corporate Sponsors

Thank you to these organizations and people for supporting our mission to inspire global change.

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Board Members

Brian Bannon
Brian Bannon
Brian has a proven track record of successes as a founder, active investor, and owner of several companies in manufacturing, construction, energy and the robotics industry. He is a self-taught entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in building companies and brings a mix of technical expertise and business acumen acquired through extensive real-world experience.

Brian is currently chairman of the board at ThermaXX, a manufacturer of removable mechanical insulation. He spearheads a new cloud-based asset management company, Slate Pages, which provides asset tagging solutions and smartphone App’s to manage those assets. Brian also assists two boards of directors of privately held companies and one nonprofit.

Warren Collins
Warren Collins
Warren has a long career in the public accounting industry performing accounting, auditing and tax services. His experience includes manufacturing, construction, service and charitable organizations. Currently he is the CFO of seven related entities owned by the Bannon family and two related 401k plans. He maintains strong supportive relationships with his accounting staffs to perform all accounting tasks which include both financial and tax reporting requirements. Additionally, he is the primary financial contact with all banking and insurance matters. Warren graduated from Quinnipiac College with a B.S. in Accounting and Computer Information Systems.
Lori DeClement
Lori DeClement
What happened to Maren hit very close to home for Lori’s family. The work of the foundation truly inspires her to help grow this foundation.
Toni Rodriguez
Toni Rodriguez
Toni works in the beauty industry and owns the Tan Without Sun Airbrush company. She has worked in customer service and sales for most of her life. She is a mom of 4 and a grandmother of 3 and chose to volunteer for MSHF because Donna’s mission is a cause that is very necessary and it relates to helping people. Toni also volunteers for Treasured Time.
Donna Espenberg
Donna Espenberg
Donna is a seasoned healthcare administrator with over three decades of experience. She has served in positions that range from research administrator to finance and business operations. Donna has worked at the Yale University School of Medicine since 2008, was heavily involved in grants and contracts, and is currently the director of finance for two large clinical departments. She brings grant-writing and administrative expertise to the foundation and hopes to help raise enough money to accomplish critical objectives. She holds an MA in applied social research from CUNY Queens College and an MBA from the University of New Haven.

For the last decade Donna is a fund-raising champion for the United Way of Greater New Haven and is former captain of the Hunter Accelerators team for Smilow’s Closer to Free ride (the team’s top fund-raiser for the last several years). Donna is also a supporter of the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen and the Special Olympics of Connecticut for which she helps with the Healthy Athletes pavilion each summer.

Self Defense Instructors

Nick Newell
Nick NewellHead Coach & Trainer, Fighting Arts Academy
Nick Newell is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a record of 14 wins and 2 losses. He is Connecticut’s first ever Mixed Martial Arts World Champion and one of the most successful martial arts competitors to ever come out of the state. Nick accomplished all these things despite being born with only one hand. He is no stranger to overcoming adversity.
Sally Cadoux
Sally CadouxOwner, Athena Empowered
Sally is a self-defense instructor, a RAD-certified trainer (Rape Aggression Defense), Mixed Martial Artist, kickboxer, yoga practitioner, and fitness trainer with over 20 years of experience. She spent the last several years developing a modern-day approach to self-defense. It is supported by awareness and prevention strategies and effective, easy-to-remember physical self-defense techniques. Her method educates the Power of Being Present in our everyday lives to identify, assess, reduce, and react to today’s threats. Sally is committed to the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation’s mission. She is devoted to building a community of confident girls and young women who are educated to live courageously!