We educate and empower girls and young women to defend themselves against emotional, psychological and verbal manipulation and physical violence.

The Tragedy

Maren Victoria Sanchez was taken from us far too early on April 25, 2014. She was the victim of a violent attack. It took place during the morning while Maren attended her high school in Milford, CT.

What was supposed to be a safe place turned into a source of brutality and cruelty.

This kind of tragedy happens too often to too many girls and young women. Safe places turn violent. It may be a home, public place, school, or place of work.

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The Truth

The attack did not start on April 25, 2014.

The signs of concern started way earlier. Maren was a victim of emotional manipulation for some time before that day. The person who became her attacker showed the classic signs of a manipulator. So many people in plain view of these signs, including Maren, did not know how unsafe this can be. In fact, this kind of situation creates many questions. How do I know the signs of manipulation? What can I do to stop it? Is there a risk this can turn violent? What are steps I can take to make sure someone I love finds help?

The truth is, these situations happen at an alarming rate.

Unlike Maren’s situation, the majority of them go unreported. It is so important to report these situations at the first signs of concern. Many people don’t know the signs or choose to be bystanders. At times, the risk of tragedy may seem remote. Maren was a confident, outgoing, well-liked young woman. A great student, creative mind, and compassionate friend.

For all girls, young women, parents, family members, and friends, there is one critical truth to remember. If this tragedy can happen to Maren, it can happen to anyone.

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The Aftermath

The attack did not stop on April 25, 2014. That is because the lives of many people were changed forever.

Those people include Donna Cimarelli, Maren’s mom. Like many parents, her life had revolved around her daughter. Her simple purpose had been to give Maren the best possible life. Those people include Maren’s family. Her hundreds of friends. Her educators. And countless others in the community.

Many may have seen the red flags and early warning signs in her attacker’s behavior. Yet the action steps to take to avoid harm were unclear.

The blows that came to Maren on that dreadful morning were purposeful. They were meant to silence her. Stop her loving heart from beating. Steal her voice and her infectious joy for life.

This foundation is here to prove to you that those things are not accomplished.

Donna started the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation to make sure the aftermath changes lives in a positive way. We work to empower and educate girls and young women. We help raise awareness for the truth about manipulation and physical violence.  We help people recognize the red flags and warning signs. And we help people find the path from bystander to life saver.

How We Empower

The Legacy

On the tragic day that the world lost Maren, a ripple began that started a huge wave. A wave towards safety, education and empowerment for girls and young women.

Maren’s energy lives on today stronger than ever in the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation. In life, Maren had so many friends. Yet now her light shines on more people than ever.

Through our work to inspire global change, we carry on in the same way she lived life. Bright, giving, talented, welcoming and strong.

We are committed to create a legacy for Maren that she would be proud of. A legacy that turns brutal and cruel situations back into safe places. A legacy that inspires global change and lasts forever.

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The Word “Home”

There are two reasons why the word Home is in our name.

Maren gave an inspiring performance of the Phillip Phillips song Home at her school talent show. She won the show and brought tears to many eyes in the audience. Her heartfelt performance is now a message from Maren to everyone who has been left behind.

Home also refers to all the things that home means to people. Security. Love. Acceptance. Safety. Kinship. Friendship. And much more. These are the things we hope to bring to girls and young women through our work.