As I sit and watch the young girls wearing a lime green t- shirt, on which is printed a very simple golden fox on the front and the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation logo on the back, I wonder how these 2 hours will change the course of their lives. The Her-Self defense course has been empowering girls for the last 6 months, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Why do young girls need this training? They need this training so they can continue to fan the flames of the power that lies deep within them, and feel confident in protecting themselves in the event that they are put in an uncomfortable, or threatening position. They need to understand that ”NO” is a complete sentence, and that they have every right to defend themselves whenever they feel that NO is not being heard. We will continue to assist in the future of our young women, by offering safe spaces for them to regain and reclaim the power that is rightfully theirs. - Donna - Maren's mom
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