Fior Di Loto In 1993, Donna decided to pack it all up and move to the Dominican Republic. She stayed in a beautiful small hotel / Yoga center on the Caribbean named Fior di Loto. Soon, Donna became great friends with the owner, Mara Sandri. It was then that she began her love for yoga and the mystical side of life.

Mara taught Donna many things and became her Mentor and sister. When Donna left, they vowed to stay in touch, but life rolled on and Mara began working on her mission to help young girls get an education in India. Twenty-two years later, they reconnected in completely different circumstances.

Donna now had a vision to help young girls protect themselves from all forms of manipulation after the tragic death of her daughter. Donna and Mara now have both created foundations for the sole purpose of empowering young girls.

The Maren Sanchez Home Foundation is now a proud sponsor of a beautiful young Indian girl who will be graduating in two years to fufill her dream of becoming an ayurvedic nurse.
About Fior Di Loto India
The Fior Di Loto Foundation is a charitable tax free foundation mainly focused in providing an education and improving the life conditions of more than 300 poor girls living in the villages surrounding Pushkar, the state of Rajasthan in northwest India.

The Fior Di Loto Foundation works daily to help the most disadvantaged part of the local community by giving economical support to elderly people, widows and needy families, and gives medical assistance to sick persons, helps to build water wells, and does our best to provide a helping hand to those who need it.

Partibha Kumawat
Partibha Kumawat is a 16 year old girl who lives in Pushkar, India and attends the school of Fior Di Loto.

Partibha will be able to finish the last three years of her ayurvedic nursing program because of the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation.

For $500 a year, she will be able to live out her life’s dreams and help many with her skills. We are proud to help empower her so she can empower others.
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