About the Book

Maren's mother, Donna Cimarelli, is currently writing a series of picture books. She is working in collaboration with Ives WebSolutions, Creative Director Lana Claire Ives, and artist/illustrator Anneliese Juergensen. These stories will educate elementary-age and tween girls in recognizing the signs of manipulation and how to help themselves and others- all in a gentle, and age-appropriate way. Children and their parents, teachers, and therapists will delight in joining Maren and her fox friend in their whimsical home in a magic forest. These books will also be accompanied by an interactive website featuring helpful resources and educational games.

The books were inspired by a special piece of art by Donna's friend, Scarlett Lewis, whose young son, Jesse, died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Scarlett invited Donna to contribute to a mural on the side of her barn that was in the process of being painted in memory of Jesse and his classmates. The mural includes little ducks representing the children and a beautiful fox representing Maren.

Small Story

A little girl saw the mural as it was being painted and said, "I want to go there!"

These stories will give children a chance to explore an enchanted and joyful world like the one depicted in the mural. They can learn about the scary topic of emotional manipulation in a safe place.

"I feel honored to be working with the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation in bringing this project to life," says Anneliese Juergensen of Ives Websolutions. "I hope this can reach the children who need this message the most, and that my art can catch even a little bit of Maren's beautiful personality!"

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About Maren

Maren, a giving strong young woman who was talented and one of the best friends anyone could every ask for...she understood at young age that her life had no room for complacency she lived life to the fullest and was excited about everything she did.

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About the Book

A series of storybooks written by Maren's Mom, Donna Cimarelli. These books are a soft way of educating young women about manipulation in relationships. Beautifully and artfully illustrated. Journey alongside the fox as we navigate through relationships.

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The Maren Sanchez Home Foundation

The mission of the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation is to empower girls to defend themselves against emotional, psychological and verbal manipulation, and physical violence.

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The Executive Board of Directors is committed to the empowerment of young women to defend themselves, and we are open to cutting edge research whether it be medical, physics, or technologies that can help put an end to this cause. Please email us at marensanchezhomefoundation@gmail.com

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