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About the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation

Founded in 2016, the mission of the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation is to empower girls to defend themselves against emotional, psychological and verbal manipulation and physical violence.

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Our Vision

Shortly after Maren passed I knew that life would never be the same again. It was a time of enormous grief and shock. To have her life snatched away in just moments was unbearable. My whole life had revolved around my daughter Maren and her safety. Everything was wrapped around what I could do to make a better life for her. How could I have ever imagined that Maren would leave for school never to return Home again. I say these things because if this could happen to someone like Maren, then this could happen to anyone.

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About Maren

Maren was and is a bright, giving strong young woman who was talented and one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for.

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About Donna

Donna Cimarelli is CEO and founder of the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation (MSHF).

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Teach our daughters the warning signs of manipulation


Psychological Manipulation

How to Spot Manipulators

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MSHF Presents
HERSELF DEFENSE a 2 day self-defense course for young women developed in partnership with Mixed Martial Arts Champion
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of a beautiful young Indian girl who will be graduating in two years to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse.

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See how you or your organization can get involved to support the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation.

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Latest From the Blog

Maren Victoria Sanchez's Voice will be louder than it every has been before and Her Heart will Beat stronger than ever to help change the lives of young girls who are being psychologically , mentally and physically Manipulated all over the world through my foundation.

I want to challenge everyone who visits here to a Call for action. To get involved. To help a friend. To be aware of your surroundings and peoples actions, and to jump on board with the mission of the Maren Sanchez Home Foundation and join the Conversation.

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